Control and Route Arducopter Drones

Ntech did more that what I had expected and achieved my project on time, The project was never easy and now they have made me sure to hire them any challenging task.


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We have history of taking up challenges and yet one more time we got this opportunity and we nodded positively to it.

This time the project was about Drones and this were not simple robotic drones available as toys, thie were the flying Drones of high quality and manufactured and supported by ArduCopters (3D Robotics). We had client who used this drones and wanted us to have a custom computer based navigation and control of the drone.


The project required experienced developer who had prior knowledge of drone control system and GPS related knowledge for hardware devices.

Our developers had relative experience in this division and were geared up to take up this project as challenge. Normally when projects come, they really don’t have any rocket science to complete the project. But this particular project require rocket science (though not literally) but required hands on knowledge about ArduCopters, there APIs and how they work.

We had experience about GCS but had never used it with real drone and integration of same with desktop application. But the real challenge was the usage of GCS and to make it accurate for the client.


In this project, we moved each step, planned each activity meticulously. It required to be focused on making the use of API nearly perfect.

We had to control the drone using ground control system (GCS) and for that we used mavelous GCS.

We used Mavelous GCS to control the drone using PC interface. Our developer was able to achieve this task in just 3 days.

To control this drone we needed GPS serial data from drone and to get this we used USB port and TCP/IP address. Using this GPS data we could controlled the drone. Also we developed and integrated feature from where we can decide the predefined root of drone.

Also to make it simple, to use USB we simply have to attach GPS serial device to USB port to make this all work together in end.

And this all was achieved with minimal bug in just 3 days. We made our challenge look like another piece of cake job.

  • Simple interface for user
  • Easy control of Drone and GPS detection via simply plugin USB GPS
  • Predefine routing of Drone location
N-tech implemented below given features:
  • User can control drone from computer, desktop application as well
  • User can see Drone’s real time movement via GPS
  • Can control Drone’s direction
  • Can decide Drone’s predefined route. (From start point to check-point and then again to start point.)

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