Oscar Django: E-commerce Website
A Oscar Django based ecommerce website for posting product Ads
Oscar Django: E-commerce Website

I wanted a simple website on ecommerce in Django, PythonIndia developers are expert and provided me a good and simple website.

E-commerce Website

Oscar Django: E-commerce Website
Technology  Oscar Python

Client and Project

A client from Istanbul approached us to fix his current project which had lot of bugs and wanted to look like a famous reference website. Not only look wise but also follow similar flow and structure.

The client didn't had much budget, but we accepted his request to provide him a report on his current website and what solution he should look for and what we can provide in minimal budget.

We took this project as helping hand to one distressed client and focused on providing possible solutions rather than focusing on our financial goals. As at Ntech we believe in providing services first. This is what we are best at and the business growth follows with that.

The Challenge
  • Client was not well in english communication and that was supposedly to be major roadblock in exchanging vital information.
  • But the project managers and our marketing team coordinated very well and understood precisely the needs of client in this tough situation with their experience and skill. The client also tried his best to explain his issues, his requirements. Thus this didn’t remain as our primary challenge.
  • Infact when we received the details on the client’s project, we came to know the real challenge will lie in providing a tight budget solution to client and keep our promise fulfilled.

  • The challenge was quite tough this time. We started studying the existing code and results were not positive and client’s existing site had tremendous loopholes and low quality work. We had thought to reuse code of client, but that want not possible now.
  • We prepared a detailed functional and technical level SWOT report for client’s existing site.
  • We prepared a complete db for client, we created and approved designs and html before beginning of development.
  • We studied the reference website and prepared a GAP analysis report which gave client idea on what was all missing in existing site and how much work remains.
  • We had few solutions but those were costly and would not fit client’s budget, we could not even decline client as we wanted to keep our promise.

  • We submitted our proposal to client with GAP analysis, SWOT analysis in line.
  • The proposal included creation of new website from scratch. This was also inline with budget that client wanted.
  • This was made possible by quoting client for using OSCAR Django, an ecommerce platform in Python which would implement 70% of features that client wanted and were missing from GAP analysis instantly.
  • The remaining 30% customization was still needed, but this was left to our skilled developers.
    • We only charged our client for this 30% and our profit here was solution to client’s needs and nothing more.
  • Choosing OSCAR Django reduced our developer’s effort and gave us breathing space to provide quality customized features to client in tight budget.
  • We implemented all features as per the reference website. We took some extra time to complete the project as the budget was not much and we had to also focus on other tasks. But we had communicated this well before to client who was humble and understood it as well.

  • Search (via text keyword)
  • Advance Search
  • By
    • Category
    • Price
    • Address
    • Step by Step Search
    • Ad Date
    • Search Keyword
    • nclude title and description.
    • Sort by
      • Video ads
      • Photo Ads
      • Ads Ads
      • Mapped ads
      • Secure e-Trade ads
      • Delivery is free of ads
  • Search Users
  • User Login
  • User Registration
  • Browse Products
    • Category Wise
    • Category will be admin manageable
    • Products will be assigned to category
    • Showing listing counts besides each category
  • Showcase Home Products
  • News
    • Title and description
  • Deals
    • Percentage discounted deals
  • Open a store
  • Product Details
    • Product name, image, title, multiple images
    • Buy now
    • Select quantity
    • MAP LOCATION of the seller
    • Details
    • AD Details
    • Features (Dynamically added, admin managed features category wise)
    • Condition
    • Shipping and Payment
    • Secure e-Commerce
  • Post Free Ad
  • Reports
    • Monthly traffic information
  • Ads Options
  • User Profile

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