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Event Management And E-commerce

We hired a dedicated developer to finish off with our pending tasks and bugs. The guys at Python-India helped us doing overtime to meet our deadline and overwhelming tasks.

Event Management And E-commerce

Event Management And E-commerce

Client and Project

We like to take up new challenges and this time we had client from UAE who had Event Management website where the users can register for events for individual and for group also, purchase products based on events, make payment, event can also have sub events and it also includes admin panel to control everything. We didn’t have to make complete website but we had to solve the issues. Client wanted a dedicated developer to handle this project. We agreed to it and assigned our best developer.

The Challenge
  • Client provided us the existing source code. Working on source code written by someone else is not easy and we faced more challenge when our developer saw that the source code was not written properly and there were no comments provided by previous developer.
  • We took this challenge and our developer reviewed the whole source code and provided the comment so that in future if anyone works on it then they can understand it easily.
  • Another problem we faced was, the client was unaware of the flow. But our expert developer studied the whole website and understood the flow.

  • We assigned a dedicated developer for this project.
  • We first understood the flow of the website.
  • We then reviewed the source code provided by the client, formatted it properly and provided relevant comments.
  • Our dedicated developer was in direct touch with the client.
  • Our developer solved all the issues given by the client.

  • First problem we solved was of mail. User is send a mail when they get register for an event. But the mail that was send to the user was not proper.
  • The user wanted to calculate the age dynamically based on date of birth instead of providing static value for age.
  • Our developer solved one major issue of invoice. When the payment done by user is successful or unsuccessful, the invoice generated was wrong.
  • Most of the website was static. Our developer suggested the client of making the website dynamic and the client became very happy by such a gesture of the developer.
  • The website included static url of social media like facebook, twitter, instagram. Our developer integrated whole social media plugin for it.

  • Dynamic website
  • Social Media Integration
  • Dynamic calculation of age
  • Correct invoice generated after user makes payment
  • Admin management

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