Mailchimp API in Python for sending campaigns

We like the quality code and the way in short notice Ntech guys did this API creation for us. It helped me launch the website on time

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Client needed couple of Python 3 functions which can be used with MailChimp (wrapper) module for retrieving the MailChimp mailing list information and for sending campaigns.

Mailchimp is a very well known email marketing and campaigning service provider. Mailchimp provides its API and also the services related to email marketing for users to customize or integrate with their any existing website.

    Client requested to create and API with below features and tasks
  • Query functions to get information about a mailchimp mailing list
  • Update functions to update information in a mailing list
  • Functions to send a campaign to selected recipients in the mailing list


Mailchimp was not a new thing for us, what was new was that we had to create an API for client that would run from command line. This was again not a difficult task and we have to complete it within 4 days.

The three functions were simple except for the 3rd function for sending a campaign to selected recipient.

All other were fairly simple task.

To make sure that the tasks are clearly understood and are actually simple, we talked to our client and showed him a simple demo from which we can build actual API. The client confirmed the needs and the flow.


There were no hurdle to make this project a success. This was delivered on time, actually a day before client’s expectation. We had been communicating with client each day even though the project was seemed simple and easy.

This made sure that we are working on right path and that client’s requirement are matched. We had our developer communicate with client directly whenever needed to confirm the details or query.

There were many things that we needed to share to client in such project where we are working on third party API. As mailchimp API did not provided few things which client required. Thus we had to clarify client on same at the very moment, work on any possible alternative or make changes to the requirement.

Based on what we understood and developed, client had to make some changes, which we also did in stipulated timeline and without charging any extra.

  • A fast reliable API
  • API running from command line
  • API which can be modified in future
    N-tech implemented below given features:
  • Create segment
  • Segment list
  • Create campaign
  • List campaign
  • Send campaign

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